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Like all Cherished Parts pieces, items have been left in their original condition with all the manufacturers labels still in place.

We degrease and clean all items, keeping as much of their original character as possible.


Made in England and
Shipped Worldwide

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VC10 Pilots Seat

VC10 Pilots Seat

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VC10 Pilots Seat

We have all seen the Top Gear studio set where the seating has been made using the leather seats from old cars.  Well this is the aviation equivalent, here we have the pilots and co pilots seat from a recently retired Royal Air Force VC10 aircraft.  These seats will be off to the leather refurbishers soon and on their return to us they will be mounted onto a purpose made two seat frame. A third seat, the flight engineers, will become a single unit and this together with the two seat will look great around one of our aviation themed coffee tables

The seats while still in the aircraft