Original furniture and art made from interesting and historic components

Like all Cherished Parts pieces, items have been left in their original condition with all the manufacturers labels still in place.

We degrease and clean all items, keeping as much of their original character as possible.


Made in England and
Shipped Worldwide

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Interesting aircraft or F1 motor sport parts,
ideal for that future project

Interesting components of historic or intrinsic value, when mixed with a little passion, expertise and skill can be transformed into unique furniture and art.

If you see a component here that is of interest and you would like to discuss creating you own unique chair, table, sculpture, seating area, desk or minibar please get in touch – the end result is only limited by our imagination.

Commercial, military aircraft or F1 motor sport parts;

• Enstrom helicopter cockpits, one of these is already sold and we are in the process of making the design to turn it into a garden sculpture. The second is available and would make a great treehouse or ‘man cave’.

• Jordan F1 nose and wing, we have a selection of different teams wings available, Red Bull, Williams and Brabham for instance, grouped together and hung in a line on a wall they will make a great display.

• Jaguar Taileron reception desk, unless you are a pilot it's difficult for most of us to relate to the size of aircraft parts, here we have the rear horizontal tail surface from one side of an ex RAF Jaguar, all 3 meters of it and it's on its way to becoming a really unique aviation-themed reception desk.

• Our Bentley sign is just waiting for a client we can get together with & discuss a commission. Originally from the Jack Barclay, Bentley and Rolls Royce showroom in Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London.

• Jumbo jet sized engine inlets from Boeing and Airbus aircraft make great bars for the home and reception desks for the office. Come and talk to us about your ideas and requirements.

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Enstrom Helicopter Cockpits

017 F1 Jordan Nose

F1 Jordan Nose

CP0000 mahogany rudder and tiller

Mahogany Rudder and Tiller


Red Arrows Hawk Aircraft's Wings


Jaguar Wing Reception Desk


Reception Desk


Bentley Showroom Sign




VC10 Pilots Seat


330 Gallon Drop Tank Sofa


Brabham T55 Front Wing and Nose