Original furniture and art made from interesting and historic components

Like all Cherished Parts pieces, items have been left in their original condition with all the manufacturers labels still in place.

We degrease and clean all items, keeping as much of their original character as possible.


Made in England and
Shipped Worldwide

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Own a piece of history

Original furniture and art made from interesting and historic aircraft, marine or F1 motor sport parts.

Our exclusive range is based on selectively sourced components, derived from actual aircraft, marine and autos from the past. A fantastic acquisition opportunity as all of our component items all have an intrinsic value, as they are collectors’ items from the aviation, marine or motor sport industry. 

We add to the value of these items by building them into functional yet stunning pieces of aviation and motor based furniture, desk art or wall art producing finished pieces that should continue to increase in value.

A few of our commercial, military aircraft or F1 Motor Sport furniture:
De Havilland Three Bladed Propeller Table, Williams F1 Exhaust Table, Red Bull F1 Wishbone Table, Red Bull Rb4 Exhaust Port, Bomb Fin Café Style Table, Red Bull Brake Calliper Lamp, BMW V8 Engine Block Table, E-Type Jaguar Cam Shaft Lamp, F1 Wheel Table, Battle of Britain, Air Ministry, Sector Clock and Scramble Bell.

If you see a piece of commercial, military aircraft or F1 motor sport furniture that is of interest please get in touch. Follow us on Facebook for more up to date news, or call:

Keith Williams
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Email: keith@cherishedparts.co.uk


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1,000lb Bomb Fin, Cafe Table


Battle of Britain Display Stand

BMW v8 Engine Block Table

BMW v8 Engine Block Table


De Haviland Propeller Sculpture

CP0000 Propeller Table

De Haviland Propeller Table


E Type Cam Shaft Standard Lamp


E Type Jaguar Table Lamp


E Type Jaguar v12 Crank Shaft Table


F1 Brake Disc Clock


F1 Diff Housing Clock


F1 Gaming Seat


F1 Wheel Table


Missile Fin Clock


Red Bull F1 Brake Caliper Lamp


Red Bull F1 Component Table


Red Bull FI Gearbox Table


Red Bull Front Wing Table

CP0000 Red Bull wishbone table

Red Bull F1 Wishbone Table

CP0067 - Red Bull, RB4 Exhaust Port - centre peice

Red Bull F1, RB4 Exhaust Port


Ship's Propeller Coffee Table (round top)


Ship's Propeller Coffee Table (shaped top)


V12 Hart Engine Block Table

CP0000 Williams F1 exhaust table

Williams F1 Exhaust Table


Williams F1, Wing Element Monitor Stand